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Molchan Marine Sciences Celebrates 20 Years of Business in Maritime Technology Development, Safety and Security:Molchan Marine Sciences is proud to announce that they are celebrating 20 years of being in business.  In 1994 when Molchan Marine Sciences (MMS) was established in Kirkland, Washington the first client was the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Since that time MMS has gained multiple national and international clients dedicated to marine technology development, maritime safety and security. In addition to the 20 year milestone, Molchan Marine Sciences LLC also fulfilled a second goal of owning a waterfront office and world headquarters conference room located aboard a 48 foot trawler currently based in Florida (see below). The trawler allows for a true waterside perspective on projects with ports and harbors. We look forward to continuing to work with  trusted and new clients from both the land-side and waterside office environments.



Molchan Marine Sciences supports TranSystems Corporation in Maritime Security

TranSystems Corporation is a key security and engineering provider in the maritime, rail and air transportation industries. Molchan Marine Sciences teamed with TranSystems Corporation on a waterside security detection and interdiction study for Port Canaveral. This project was followed by a multi-year project with Port Canaveral supporting the design and development of a Multimodal Terminal Logistics Center within Canaveral Port Authority. Molchan Marine Sciences supports the application of state and federal port facility security laws and statues related to the safe movement from ship to barge and rail over land, sea and the intracoastal waterway.


Port Canaveral

 Marianne Molchan accepts the role as Senior Advisor to Security Dynamics LLC, a global security and risk management advisory firm. Marianne Molchan was asked by Kim Petersen, CEO Security Dynamics LLC to join a select team of Senior Advisors providing consultancy in underwater port security and waterside security solutions.  Security Dynamics specializes in counterterrorism, maritime security, security training, counterintelligence and security systems design and engineering.

security dynamics



Marianne Molchan supported the Ocean Literacy Summit, University of Rhode Island  The fourth biennial Ocean Literacy Summit located at URI Bay campus Nov 2012 with Keynote Speaker Dr. Robert Ballard promoted the seven Essential Principles. The New England Ocean Science Education Collaborative, (NEOSEC) chose Ocean Literacy Principle 7, “The ocean is largely unexplored,” the last of the seven Essential Principles and 44 Fundamental Concepts that currently define Ocean Literacy, the understanding that you influence the ocean and the ocean influences you. Marianne was a panelist in a Panel discussing the importance of ocean exploration.
Molchan Marine Sciences supports Ametek SCP within the Underwater Connector Industry
Ametek SCP is a leading provider of underwater interconnect solutions including connectors, cable assemblies, hull penetrators, fiber optic feed through and downhole tool inserts.Molchan Marine Sciences supported Ametek SCP in the areas of product development, marketing, and project management.
Molchan Marine Sciences supports Marine Remote Sensing Solutions (MARSS)
MARSS is a subsidiary company to Sonardyne that specializes in Security, Safety and Data Services. Molchan Marine Sciences supported MARSS Man-Overboard Detection, Classification and Rescue System by providing a communication and information conduit between the parent company and potential government and commercial partners about the Man-Overboard System.
Other Molchan Marine Sciences News

  • Molchan Marine Sciences supported Electronic Sales of New England

Electronic Sales of New England (ESNE) is regional manufacturers’ representative in the greater New England region. Molchan Marine Sciences facilitated ESNE in the establishment a Quality Management System.

  • Marianne Molchan joins the Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal and Ocean Observing Systems (NERACOOS) Board of Directors (2011-2013)

Marianne Molchan was asked to represent the ocean technology industry on the Board of Directors of NERACOOS in 2011. NERACOOS is part of the United States Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS).
Its Mission is to: 1. To lead the development, implementation, operation, and evaluation of a sustained, regional coastal ocean observing system for the northeast United States and Canadian Maritime provinces, as part of the United States Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS). 2. To promote the development, assessment, and dissemination of data and data products that meet the needs of end users. 3. To advocate through education and outreach for the regional, national, and global ocean observing system and the application of scientific assessments using environmental data to meet societal needs.

Maritime Security Training for SuperYacht Owner/Operators Molchan Marine Sciences is available for Maritime Security Training for SuperYacht owner/operators through FarSounder’s training institute. The two day U.S. Coast Guard STCW certified course may be taken at FarSounder’s headquarters, on-site or on-board a vessel. For more information contact Marianne Molchan: Marianne@MolchanMarine.com or Cheryl Zimmerman: CherylZimmerman@FarSounder.com Visit : http://www.farsounder.com/technology/training_institute to view additional courses at the FarSounder Training Institute.
Marianne Molchan is serving on the Board of Directors and as was elected Vice President to Marine Oceanographic Technology Network, serving 2010-2014.The Marine and Oceanographic Technology Network (MOTN) originated as the Massachusetts Ocean Technology Network. MOTN was formed in 1994 as a non-profit corporation with the express purpose of promoting, supporting, and expanding the marine technology manufacturing and service businesses in New England and beyond. This year Harlan Doliner (President, MOTN) and Marianne will be promoting national and international collaborations with MOTN members and members of other marine clusters across the United States. MOTN’s focus is to link member organizations with exporting opportunities.  Check out www.motn.org for past and upcoming events.

Other Molchan Marine Sciences News
  • Molchan Marine Sciences supports Technology Systems Incorporated with a unique SBIR Award entitled “SMART CHART Automated Identification System (AIS).

Augmented Reality Display and ECS as used by the US Navy
  • Molchan Marine Sciences supported C3I, Bath Iron Works, Naval Aviation Systems Center (NAVAIR) and Naval Sea Systems Center (NAVSEA) in developing the Concept of Operations and other base test, evaluation, operations and maintenance documentation for the integration of multiple systems residing on the flight deck of DDG 1000, DD 51 and Littoral Combat Ship.
  • Molchan Marine Sciences Supports VideoRay in Strategic Planning of ROVs
    Molchan Marine Sciences provided consulting services for VideoRay in the area of future CONOPS for ROVs in multiple missions.
    Molchan Marine Sciences continues to support underwater port security initiatives for the U.S. Navy as well as national and international commercial partners. Molchan Marine Sciences personnel have performed as trusted, unbiased consultants in several test and evaluation events in ports and harbors worldwide. Molchan Marine Sciences was contracted to write the “Quick Look Report” for Trial Kondari held in Sydney Australia in 2009. Organized by the Defense Science and Technology Organization (DSTO) and the Royal Australian Navy the Trial explored emerging technologies designed to strengthen underwater force protection. Molchan Marine Science’s role was an active member of the Tiger Team, overseeing each of the tests and compiling the results of each of the observers into a comprehensive report for the Action Group 9. MMS possesses extensive practical underwater port security and Concept of Operations (CONOPS) development expertise. Over a decade of experience in underwater port security is the foundation supporting the MMS consultancy in underwater port security as observers, trainers, evaluators and report writers.


Our Testimonials

Welcome to Molchan Marine Sciences (MMS) Website. MMS continues to see steady and exciting growth in multiple areas in the marine technology sector. The hallmark of MMS is the ability to bring operational experience from all aspects of the waterfront to a project or program. Having the ability to communicate with and understand the needs of ship owner/operators, port facilities, researchers and marine technologists is one of MMSs most respected capabilities.




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