Sonardyne and MARSS


  • Client(s):Sonardyne- MARSS MobtronicTM

  • Project Name:Marine Remote Sensing Solutions (MARSS) Man-Overboard Detection, Classification and Rescue System

  • Project Year:2011-2013

  • Project Description: 

Sonardyne is a leader in developing systems to improve the safety and efficiency of underwater navigation through acoustic signal processing, hardware design and custom engineering. Underwater acoustics are the heart of what Sonardyne’s products and services. In 2011 Marine Remote Sensing Solutions (MARSS) became a subsidiary company to Sonardyne. MARSS is an international technology company specializing in Security, Safety and Data Services for both land based and maritime assets. MARSS is composed of three business segments:

  • Security-protecting assets from terrorism, piracy and other security threats by generating a security shield 360° around a critical maritime or land based infrastructure,
  • Safety-saving lives by automatically detecting and alarming crew once a person falls overboard and assisting with Search and Rescue efforts by tracking the victim in the water and incorporating real-time environmental information to assist crew locate and recover a person lost at sea,
  • Data Services-reducing fuel costs and the risk of attacks using mature algorithms and wide area coverage sensors.
Molchan Marine Sciences assisted Sonardyne / MARSS in highlighting the strengths of MARSS MobtronicTM to government and commercial entities in the United States. MARSS MobtronicTM is a one of a kind advanced technology man-overboard detection and classification solution that instantly detects and classifies a human falling overboard. This system automatically notifies the crew, tracks the person at sea and guides the rescue team directly to the victim.

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