TranSystems Corp


  • Client(s):TranSystems Corp

  • Project Name:Waterside Security Detection and Interdiction Project

  • Project Year:2011-2013

  • Project Description: 

Molchan Marine Sciences provided TranSystems Corporation underwater and waterside security consulting. The Molchan Marine Sciences / TranSystems Maritime Security Team conducted a threat assessment pertaining to waterborne threats, quaywall and seaport basin security in targeted port facilities. The assessment included an on-site evaluation of the facilities and the identification and evaluation of qualified perimeter security systems hardware, installation and maintenance providers. Full documentation and reporting of the threats, technology solutions and system recommendations were accomplished for one of the largest ports in the United States.

TranSystems is a worldwide transportation infrastructure engineering company focusing on end to end multi-modal transportation solutions supporting the safe and secure movement of goods and people. TranSystems operates in nine key market sectors- freight rail, passenger rail and transit, states and municipalities, aviation, manufacturing and distribution, maritime, trucking, energy and communications, and the federal government.


Our Testimonials

Welcome to Molchan Marine Sciences (MMS) Website. MMS continues to see exciting growth in multiple areas in the marine technology sector. The hallmark of MMS is the ability to bring operational experience from all aspects of the waterfront to a project or program. Having the ability to communicate with and understand the needs of ship owner/operators, port facilities, researchers and marine technologists is one of MMSs most respected capabilities.




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