Safe Boating Brochure


  • Client(s):Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission Safe Boating Program.

  • Project Name:Safe Boating Brochure

  • Project Year:1998

  • Project Description: 

Marianne Molchan composed, was awarded and directed a team in the administration of a $12,000.00 grant from Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission Safe Boating Program to produce a safe boating brochure. (click on the brochure words to see brochure) This grant was won over a pool of over 100 competing applicants. During the life of the grant, she collaborated with University of Washington School of Marine Affairs, USCG Vessel Traffic Service, State of Washington, and Safe Marine Transportation Forum members in the production of a color brochure designed to improve the knowledge and behavior of boaters in and around the VTS traffic lanes in the greater Puget Sound. Five thousand of the brochures were distributed to boaters and marinas throughout the greater Puget Sound. Multiple organizations from other states asked for electronic and hard copies of the brochres from which to base their boating safety brochures.


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