Astoria Energy


  • Client(s): Astoria Energy, ESS

  • Project Name:Astoria Energy

  • Project Year:2006

  • Project Description: 

Molchan Marine Sciences, , and ESS Inc joined in a partnership effort in July 2005 to supply consulting services in maritime safety and security supporting the Maritime Law, Energy and Vessel Owner/Operator communities. This partnership resulted in a support contract between Molchan Marine Sciences and ESS supporting Astoria Energy LLC. Molchan Marine Sciences conducted Astoria Energy's facility security assessment as well as wrote their Facility Security Plan in accordance with the Marine Transportation Safety Act of 2004.


Our Testimonials

Welcome to Molchan Marine Sciences (MMS) Website. MMS continues to see exciting growth in multiple areas in the marine technology sector. The hallmark of MMS is the ability to bring operational experience from all aspects of the waterfront to a project or program. Having the ability to communicate with and understand the needs of ship owner/operators, port facilities, researchers and marine technologists is one of MMSs most respected capabilities.




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