Augmented Reality and the Warfighter


  • Client(s): Technology Systems Incorporated (Office of Naval Research, EOD LIC)

  • Project Name:Augmented Reality and the Warfighter

  • Project Year:2005

  • Project Description: 

Based on current Naval Special Clearance Team CONOPS, Molchan Marine Sciences defined operational scenarios for Naval Special Clearance Teams to test new navigational software/hardware Augmented Reality Visualization of the Common Operational Picture (ARVCOP) in an operational littoral setting. ARVCOP, dramatically increases situational awareness for the bridge team by overlaying three-dimensional, tactical information on a real time forward-looking view from the bridge.
<br/. ARVCOP enhances safety and ease of navigation by enabling operators to avoid underwater obstacles, view boundaries, and accurately navigate tactical lanes and routes in any weather, day or night. In addition, the system allows Officers of the Deck (OODs) and Craftmasters to view traditional non-tactical navigational information while keeping their eyes on the real world. Molchan Marine Sciences c reated an evaluation process by which to judge the value of the new technology for use in single RHIB operational scenarios as well as Command and Control platform and multiple RHIB platform scenarios.


Our Testimonials

Welcome to Molchan Marine Sciences (MMS) Website. MMS continues to see exciting growth in multiple areas in the marine technology sector. The hallmark of MMS is the ability to bring operational experience from all aspects of the waterfront to a project or program. Having the ability to communicate with and understand the needs of ship owner/operators, port facilities, researchers and marine technologists is one of MMSs most respected capabilities.




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